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You don't need to camp at the Darling Woods to enjoy getting to know our alpacas - we are open all year round for alpaca experiences which include woodland walks, picnics, date nights and parties. ​

Tickets for alpaca experiences  need to be booked online before arrival.

What's On

Alpaca Plods & Picnic Prices

Alpaca Picnic

Alpaca Woodland Walks

 1 hour alpaca experience which includes a woodland walk and hand feeding the alpacas. 

For ages 10+

£20 -  1 person walking 1 alpaca

£5 - Spectator - spectators cannot walk an alpaca but can join us on the walk and hand feed the alpacas. 

Alpaca Picnic

Prosecco by the paddock

Alpaca Picnic

Private Plods

2 hour private alpaca experience for two which includes a 1 hour private woodland walk with 4 alpacas, followed by prosecco by the paddock. You are also welcome to bring along your own picnic.

For ages 18+

£35 per person

To book this experience - please email

 2 hour private alpaca experience for a group of 6 or less with 4 alpacas. Includes a 1 hour private woodland walk, followed by hand feeding the alpacas. You can bring your own picnic and will have exclusive use of our gazebo. Under 12's must be accompanied by an adult.

£80 per group.

To book this experience - please email

Meet The Team


Alpacas all have individual personalities, excellent memories and are very inquisitive & intelligent creatures. We currently have 8 beautiful alpacas living on our site. 

Our alpacas love to eat out of your hands and go on alpaca plods around the woodland. We call these 'plods' because there's nothing fast about a walk with an alpaca! They love to stop and look at their surroundings, have a sniff of you, roll in a puddle or stop to eat the leaves on the trees! They really enjoy their alpaca plods and like interacting with kind humans, however, loud noises or sudden movements can sometimes make them nervous so it is best to be as calm as possible around them at all times and always listen to instructions from your guide. If large animals make you nervous, this might not be the activity for you!

​It's always best to approach an alpaca slowly and let them get to know you. They might let you stroke or rub their neck if they feel comfortable. They don't like to be petted on the head much!

​Our alpacas at the Darling Woods range in age and some are still in training - they might sometimes pull on the lead or even lie down mid-walk for a rest and a roll! 

Please note - The Darling Woods also operates as a small camping & glamping site, so there might be guests on the site or booked on your walk during your visit. If you would like to book a private alpaca experience - please get in touch with us.

More Information

The Boring Bits

Please take some time to read the below information before arriving for your alpaca experience. 

  • Please check in for your activity at reception.

  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Adults who are accompanying a child under 12, must purchase a spectator ticket.

  • Please wear appropriate shoes e.g. wellies or walking boots. We will be walking on uneven ground and the fields could be very muddy. Please wear clothing that you don't mind getting a bit dirty. Please cover bare feet and legs.

  • The walk will go on whatever the weather (unless severe) so please bring a waterproof coat. Please note - our alpacas are scared of umbrellas and you won't be able to take an umbrella with you on the walk!

  • The Darling Woods is a 12 acre wild woodland which we do our utmost to tame as much as possible so it is safe for humans! However, we do not use pesticides on our site and you may come across poisonous plants, brambles & nettles on your walk. The ground is uneven and there may be exposed rabbit holes and other minor dangers.

  • Our alpacas are very friendly and love humans but as with all animals - they can sometimes be unpredictable, especially if spooked! Alpacas, like horses, can sometimes kick. Please avoid touching their rear ends or walking too close to the back of an alpaca. If you are pregnant, please let us know on arrival.

  • Always listen to the instructions given by your guide.

  • Children must be supervised at all times.

  • We're very sorry, dogs are not permitted on site. (We love dogs - but our alpacas don't!)

  • Please note that unfortunately, our woodland and fields are not pushchair or wheelchair friendly. If you are a wheelchair user -  please get in touch with us and we can tailor an experience for you.

  • There are toilets and hand washing facilities on site and plenty of parking. 

  • The Darling Woods of May is fully licensed and insured to run alpaca experiences. Licence no, AA8261732


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